Bes Selling Khukuries

Bes Selling Khukuries

In this page you can see our best selling kukris.

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British Service No.1 khukuri

British Service No.1 khukuri: British Service No.1 is one of the best selling models. It is called S..

$60.00 Ex Tax: $60.00

British Service No.2

It is indeed a piece of art with a plethora of myth, mystique and mystery surrounding it. The Gurkha..

$65.00 Ex Tax: $65.00

Replica of World War Version

This Kukri was originated in Nepal but later Indian Gurkha Army applied it. Before World War II, it..

$75.00 Ex Tax: $75.00

Standard Jungle or PRI Type

This is the train or tactical knife of the Gurkhas. Therefore it is called Jungle Kukri. It is total..

$57.00 Ex Tax: $57.00

Tin Chire Gonjawal Panawal Kukri

Tin Chire Gonjawal Panawal Kukri:-Here comes Tin Chire “the beauty kukri, 3 chiras(three fullers) th..

$139.00 Ex Tax: $139.00

World War II wooden Handle

Nepalese Khukuri House’s re-production of a World War II wooden handled Kukri is based on the Kukri ..

$65.00 Ex Tax: $65.00