Chehrokee kukri
This is one of the special types of khukuri developed by Nepalese Khukuri House. The blade is 14 Inch Cherokee Khukuri compact version of kukri which is handcrafted at NKH factory.  Cherokee Indian and the creator of the YCS-khukuri, the inspiration for the Cherokee Rose was his love of the old Scagel Knives. The shape and size of this kukri similar to Angkhola  kukri but with curve tip of blade where the groove on the blade is forged in a different way. It is also called budhune Khukuri (budhune, one of the oldest kukris made in Nepal). The craftsmanship on this knife is amazing so if you are looking for the finest quality khukuri you will not be disappointed. We can use like jungle bush, cutting vegetable, meat, bamboo, wood and so on.  The kukri comes with 14 inches blade where the handle is 6.5 inches.  The spine is 8mm and the bevel is 7mm where the widest part of the blade is 6.2cm. The weight of kukri is 1400 grams with scabbards. Set of Karda and Chakmak included and high quality small knives (Utility Knife + Sharpener) for better made and tampered than the regular ones. Sides carrying the knife in war time, this blade can be used to chop wood or bone cleaning bushes.

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Chehrokee kukri

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