Iraqi Operation kukri

Here is new implementation of NKH blade, Iraqi Operation Freedom kukri which is current

issuing to Gurkhas who are base in Iraq for peace keeping. Hence the name derived after the

Iraq. This kukri is not official issued but some time interested soldiers can keep with their

uniform and use as well. The kukri shape very much is similar to the world war ii version

khukuri which was issued during the age of 2nd world war. The kukri’s length is, 11"Blade

where the 5” long handle strongly joined with two metal rivets. Kukri comes with semi polish

and two fuller which help to reduce the friction and help for continue cutting. The blade is made

of highly graded carbon steel with pouring water balance temper on the edge so its very strong.

The handle is made of very strong wood "SADAN WOOD" .The stronger and more durable

handle is made of white Sadan wood. It is full flat tang running through it making it super strong

which is about 5” long. The scabbard is natural leather which is off-white color. Set of Karda and

Chakmak included and high quality small knives (Utility Knife + Sharpener) for better made and

tampered than the regular ones. Sides carrying the knife in war time, this blade can be used to

chop wood or bone cleaning bushes.This kukri can be used to cut wood,firewood,bone,meat,

clearing bushes etc.

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Iraqi Operation kukri

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