6" Chainpure Carving Wooden Handle Kukri

Chainpur Village is located in the Eastern Nepal. This type of Khukuri

is made in that place. The scabbard is made of Indian Rosewood with

carved design by craftsmanship of the people of Chainpur. It is

beautiful carved and embellished with brass binding, which makes it

stand apart from other knives. It has different sizes. Among them, this

is 6" long blade size (Overall length is 10"). The handle is also made

of Rose wood with carving. It weighs about 450 grams. It can be

engraved with dragon or other designs as your choice. The total

shipping weight including display wooden stand with packing will be


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6" Chainpure Carving Wooden Handle Kukri

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Chainpur Village is located in the Eastern part of Nepal. This type ofKhukuri is made in that place...
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